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Six advantages of Johncera valves
02 December 2020

NO.1 Material

Independent intellectual property rights;produce ceramic powder ourselves;invention patents with own ceramic production base.

NO.2 Complete ceramic industry chain

Located in Xiamen with a valve base of 30,000 square meters, completing the whole process from powder to finished valve. 

NO.3 Customer first

The valve product of Johncera is warranted maintenance no matter how long. We are responsible for every customer and every product. 

NO.4 Industry leader

With high flexibility for different requirements of customers, fully capable of making customized products and ensuring the selection of the most suitable materials. 

NO.5 High quality and standard

Certification of ISO quality system; quality management of Japanese management style; safety and reliability for every fine inspecting. 

NO.6 Sustainable enterprise spirit

With experiences on mineral more than 20 years, fine ceramic material more than 15 years, fine grinding and polishing for 12 years, ceramic valve production for 10 years and CNC machining history of metal materials for 5 years.

Six advantages of Johncera valves

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